the SFP optical module with the digital diagnostic function

Published: 08th December 2010
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Fiber Communication has become a main means of transmission. With the improvement of the communication capacity and communication network, the communication link management has been an increasingly complicated problem. SFP Transceivers The mutual reinforcement of the technical development between the optical transceiver module and the fiber communication network has hastened the intelligence function of the optical transceiver module. With the digital diagnosis monitor function, the optical transceiver module is of some intelligence, and can provide a *** means of performance monitoring to improve the efficiency of communication management.On basis of the above, the *** makes a research on the small form pluggable (SFP) optical transceiver module with the digital diagnosis monitor function, and does a deep study of optical module principle, digital diagnosis principle, optical module hardware design, optical modules underlying software design, and monitor software design, giving a common design means of the SFP optical module with the digital diagnostic function.In the part of the study of optical module controlling, the *** employs micro control unit (MCU) and memory unit with a good flexibility and cost-effective, substituting for traditional control chip with the digital diagnosis monitor function. It also poses a new method of retrorse data calibration in the study of data calibration of the five analog parameter(operating voltage,module temperature,bias current, transmitted optical power,received optical power), based on the SFF-8472 protocol providing the positive data calibration. The retrorse data calibration provides the convenience for the testers and improves the test efficiency. In the way of monitoring, it conceives a scheme on automatic test system of optical module, which can improve the monitor efficiency compared with the manual test. Besides , the *** also involves the master and slave module IIC communication, the parallel port simulate IIC communication protocol, automatic temperature compensation, the conversion of A/D, FLASH programming, the fixed point operation replacing floating point operation, the optimization of MCU code, and so on. Experiment verification shows that the optical module meets the requirements of SFF-8472 and multi source protocol MSA, and using the retrorse data calibration to calibrate data, the five analog calibrating deviations also satisfy the requirements of the index.

On request Molex SFP+ components launched sealed, and make it can be integrated into sealed panel mounted outlet capacity. These new solutions also meet the copper Ethernet system to upgrade to the requirements of the optical transceiver system, or may need to be interchanged between the two. In addition to a variety of uses, this component can also be used to eliminate or change the function of the socket plate needs. By the SFP transceivers into SFP the wall-mounted socket, these new components can be demolished from either side of the socket out, the plant installation and field upgrades easier. Sealed SFP components designed to maximize the use of PCB board area. In harmony with the environment while providing the interface. The design also includes reinforcement IP67 level user interface, dust-proof and waterproof. In addition, its durable die-casting outlet using conductive gaskets, EMI will feature the introduction of solid shell inside. Have to withstand harsh environments because of their ability to combine these optical connector system is suitable for WiFi and WiMax wireless base station and antenna feed purposes; suitable for industrial applications such as system control, monitoring and data routers; and telecommunications, including the outdoor environment data routers, switches or networking equipment and FTTx connections and so on. Can be used for mobile communication devices, such as military and broadcast, as well as BPL (broadband power transmission), harsh working conditions in food processing and testing equipment and so on. SFP components can be sealed with ODVA standards consistent with the optical and copper components are compatible, to adapt to industry-standard connectors and cable assemblies for future upgrades or backward compatibility. In addition, SFP device can be installed on both sides of the socket, or before and after the demolition, the plant is very easy to install and field upgrades. Molex product line expansion, the introduction of SFP components sealed

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